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The Houston Chronicle has held its position as the top local site in Houston for many years & has been helping local businesses since its original launch 125 years ago. In order to have success with both SEO and SEM, it makes sense to go with the top local site in your area. 


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Search engine marketing is another key way to improve your business & visibility. You bid on specific keywords to target a geographical area and relevant topics. You pay only when a user clicks on your SEM ad, known as cost-per-click. You control the message and determine where your ads are seen. Your ad is seen only by prospects who are looking for what you have to offer. New customers find your business by seeing the paid results when they search your key terms. 

Internet Marketing • Houston, TX

When it comes to successful internet marketing in Houston TX. Hearst Media Services is your local expert providing Online Marketing SolutionsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Social Networking, Websites, Mobile Web Sites, Videos, and On Line Display Advertising. The experts at Hearst Media Services and the Houston Chronicle understand that search engines such as Google Yahoo & Bing give priority to informational resources like newspapers, magazines and high traffic web sites. is the number 1 local website in Houston & all of our Digital Marketing Services Customers get premier placement on our Local Directory as well as links to all the major social sites.

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When it comes to online visibility for your company or business, search engine optimization is key. Through search engine optimization, the Houston Chronicle will improve the volume and quality of the traffic that comes to your site from search engines via “organic” (free or natural) listings. SEO improves the “findability” of your Web site or page and helps get your site as high as possible on Google rankings and on the top rankings of other major search engine results pages.

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